The region called Haryana is witness to many historical events and movements which very prominently have found place in history books. Right from the period of Indus Valley Civilization to the medieval period, the rebellion of 1857, the place and area of sermons of Bhagvad Gita make this place hued in religious colours, the battles of Panipat projects it as a region of heroes and warriors. The fertile fields and natural resources in abundance are enough to name it as heaven on earth by many. This region has always remained alluring and lucrative for the then emperors and rulers who did not lose any opportunity to make this region, a hub of their political activity. Palace of Jind, ‘FirozshahTughlaq’ fort in Hisar, ‘Prithvi Raj Chauhan’ fort in Hansi stand tall to vouch the attraction and allurement dwelling in the hearts of the then rulers toward this region which is modern day Haryana. BhagwatDayal Sharma had the honour of being first Chief Minister of this state which dominantly mores forward in the path of development. Riding high on the waves of its agricultural supremacy the state is proud of its industrial growth there by coming true to the principles of inclusive growth and leaving the footprints which can be exemplary for others.

The state of Haryana although constitutionally came into existence only in 1966 when on the recommendations made by Shah Commission, State of Punjab was divided, giving way to the formation of the state of Haryana yet the region has been centre of many political and religious activities since ancient times. There have been different opinions about the derivation of the name of state. The factors the people, the geographical considerations that might have hovered over the minds of persons who named this state as Haryana need proper analysis and interpretation.


If we go through different viewpoints on the basis of which the name Haryana was originated, the focus very naturally moves on to the word Harit (Green) and Aranya meaning the forest. Such idea banks upon the green fields, agriculture and fertile lands of this region which have been at the core of the basic traits possessed by the region and thereby suitably naming it as Haryana. Some of the persons with spiritual or religious bent of mind owe the origin of the name Haryana to the dwelling place of God Vishnu as it,SankritHari is another name of God Vishnu while Ayana is termed as Home. Amidst different viewpoints and derivations the point that emerges very strongly is that the name Haryana has been derived from the name of General RanaHarRai who was General of SamratPrithvi Raj Chauhan and settled in the plains of this region which is now called Haryana.

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