Haryana came in to being in 1966. That is close to five decades. This may be a short period in history terms, but, in terms of legislation and politics, it islong time. The record of proceedings of the Haryana VidhanSabha and profile of the then legislatorsare all there in the VidhanSabha Library in the shape of compendiums. These official chronicles of Haryana’s legislative history are a treasure trove of information. These give a reader a peep in to the social and political environment of Haryana at a particular time.

As we browse through these records we can imagine the kind of debate and discussions that took place decades ago over a piece of legislation. The proceedings and the profiles clearly reflect the personality and point of view of our then legislators and how they conducted themselves inside and outside the house.

I can proudly say that Haryana had the good fortune of having first rate lawmakers and political leaders from different political parties at different points in time. Their speeches in the house, so meticulously recorded, can teach the first time legislators how to participate in serious debate and conduct themselves in the house.

But, this legislative history of Haryana is not a classified piece of documentation. I believe the record of proceedings should be available to everyone who cares to read them for whatever purpose.

That is what prompted me to request the Honourable Speaker of the Haryana VidhanSabha to allow me permission to copy the entire proceedings since the day the Haryana VidhanSabha met first, get it composed and post it on a website for the people to read and draw their own conclusions. I am grateful to the Speaker for this.

For now, this is just a chronological record of the proceedings. I plan to provide a search option in the near future for the readers to quickly access the desired information. I will welcome volunteers who can help me do that.

Your suggestions are welcome. Please help me to make this website better and more interesting.

Jai Hind.

Sampat Singh

MLA Nalwa

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